Punchcard Economy


Photos – Data As Culture exhibition @ Lighthouse Arts

Jun 29 2014 · by Sam Meech

Images from the Data As Culture exhibition, curated by Shiri Shalmy, at Lighthouse Arts, Brighton. I produced a second version of the ’8 Hours Labour’ banner for the show.  The exhibition also featured works by YoHa, James Bridle, Thickear, Paolo Cirio and James Brooks. Graham Harwood of Yoha also demonstrated the data-visualisation compressed air  ‘contraptions’  […]


Pictures – 8 Hours Labour workshop @Lighthouse

Jun 29 2014 · by Sam Meech

Images from yesterday’s machine knitting workshop at Lighthouse Arts as part of the Data As Culture exhibition. Participants included a digital arts producer, a graphic design freelancer, a textile artist who worked part time in an office job, and Lighthouse co-ordinator Natalie. Each person had to translate a log of their working week into a […]


Knitting Workshop at Lighthouse – 28th June

Jun 13 2014 · by Sam Meech

Saturday 28th June Machine Knitting workshop with Sam Meech 8 places / 4 sessions 1 hour 15 mins Join me to create a punchcard based on your own working patterns, and knit a sample pattern repeat to take home. Each session is for two participants, and lasts just over an hour. During the session you […]


Data As Culture @ Lighthouse Brighton

Jun 13 2014 · by Sam Meech

The Punchcard Economy project will be touring with the Data As Culture exhibition to Lighthouse in Brighton. http://www.lighthouse.org.uk/programme/data-as-culture The show opens on 21st June and runs till 2oth July. As with the ODI show, the venue is again too small to showacse the full banner, however, an ‘8 Hours Labour‘ sample banner containing the same […]


Future Everything workshop – pictures

Apr 06 2014 · by Sam Meech

Last weekend I spent my day of rest running a knitting workshop at Future Everything. It was a really enjoyable day, with knitters (both novice and expert) translating their working weeks into punchcards and then knitting them out as samples and scarves. I ran four ‘shifts’, though some people worked through their lunch in order […]

Precarious Workers and FACT

Apr 06 2014 · by Sam Meech

Last week saw some interesting discussion about paid roles and volunteering within arts institutions, as the Precarious Workers Brigade sent an open letter to FACT Liverpool, regarding their restructuring of jobs within the organisation, in particular the gallery supervisors. It was something that I touched on in my post about the Time and Motion symposium, and […]


Data As Culture – press

Mar 23 2014 · by Sam Meech

Some links to the Data As Culture shows at Open Data Institute and Future Everything. Daily Telegraph – exhibition in pictures Motherboard blog -How to Fight the Man

image courtesy of Inari Wishiki - volunteer minimum wage machine demonstrator

Rates for the Job – reflections on the Time and Motion symposium at RCA

Mar 09 2014 · by Sam Meech

On Wednesday I spoke about the Punchcard Economy project as part of the Time and Motion Symposium at the Royal College of Art. The event presented a variety of perspectives on work and time, and featured artists, researchers and curators involved in the show, as well as keynote presentations and summative reflections from other invited […]


8 Hours Labour @ DATA AS CULTURE – from 24th March

Mar 09 2014 · by Sam Meech

From 24th March, the Open Data Institute in London will be showing a knitted artwork developed from the Punchcard Economy project as part of their new exhibition. DATA AS CULTURE has been put together by curator Shiri Shalmy, and features works by James Bridle, ThickEar, YoHa and James Brooks. My contribution – ‘8 Hours Labour‘ […]


Punchcard Economy at Future Everything 29 & 30th March

Mar 09 2014 · by Sam Meech

The Punchcard Economy machine knitted banner will be at of the Future Everything festival in Manchester. The work is showing as part of the Data As Culture programme that is occupying venues across the city, curated by Shiri Shalmy, and featuring work by James Bridle, YoHa and Matthew Fuller, and Thickear. 10:00 – 18:00, Sat […]