Punchcard Economy


Oct 20 2013 · by Sam Meech


Spent a lovely day at Oggcamp today, demonstrating the Brother KH950i knitting machine using the Daviworks hack, and also talking about the Punchcard Economy project. An event like Oggcamp feels very relevant to the project, as most of the delegates work with digital tools, and involved in the rethinking and restructuring of ‘work’ – setting up new business within the digital economy. On the table next to me I spied a chap reading a book entitled ‘LEAN ANALYTICS – Using Data to Build A Better StartUp Faster’.


It was also fantastic to see peoples’ reactions and interpretations of the knitting machine projects, and suggestions about how to develop them. I also managed to rope in a couple of people to actually have a go at knitting, with Chris James (former knitter / geometry and binary enthusiast / nun) showing me how to develop sculptural knits, and also encouraging me to looking and punchcard patterns as a way to generate binary numbers.


I managed to sign a few more people up to contributing their hours, and also helped artist / coder Hwa Young Jung knit here working week (out of contract hours), creating a gorgeous repeat in blue on white.

And finally, well, I couldn’t turn down Dan’s request for a knitted Raspberry Pi, could I?