Punchcard Economy

P.E. at Crystallize / KBEE2013

Nov 08 2013 · by Sam Meech


This week, Punchcard Economy – Worker In Progress has been exhibited as part of the Crystallize show at the Korean Brand and Entertain Expo, London. The exhibition, produced by ISKAI arts was held in the basement of Old Billingsgate, a former fish market on the Thames North bank, and included a number of UK and Korean artists examining the possibilities of working with art and technology – something pioneered by the Korean artist Nam June Paik, whose work also featured.

It was also interesting for the exhibition to be taking part in the wider Expo – an event aimed at creating business connections between Korea and the UK – and there was a clear emphasis that the creative industries were at the forefront of this. Of course, new relationships and developing industries all have implications for how we work.

I set up my machines and talked about the punchcard economy project, whilst encouraging people to log their working hours. Two of the volunteers from the ISKAI arts team, Amy and Dong, shared their busy working schedule, and we created a knit repeat that sequentially combined both their weeks.


Gallery assistant director Stella also knitted her regular week, which included the odd early morning and consecutive ‘lates’.


Curator and producer Shiri Shalmy‘s hours, submitted via the website, were also knitted as part of my own dily ‘8 hours labour’ during the show:


Below is a report on the KBEE EXPO from the BBC World Service – though the Punchcard Economy work isn’t mentioned, it gives a great overview of the Expo as a whole, including the exhibition. (cheers to the excellent GLTICH Karaoke for sharing this)