Punchcard Economy

1/3 of the way there, just.

Dec 01 2013 · by Sam Meech


This week production of the banner began in earnest. It was a slow start, with the final design taking longer than expected to create from the data collected, and so ‘Day 1’ was instead spent moving between a spreadsheet and photoshop.  On Wednesday though I got underway, completing 2 columns of the 9, with assistance from Iris Cooper. However, after this initial burst, production became frustratingly slow.

Like the Hare and the Tortoise, I chose to meander through thursday, getting the third column underway but I should really have got further. Friday I was teaching, and then Saturday, the knitting machine took it’s revenge, casting my knitting off half-way through. It took over two hours to ‘rescue’ it, picking up the 168 stitches of the column. Sunday has faired better though, and tonight I finally completed the third column, whilst listening to the football.

In short, I feel I should be further along, but complacency, some bad luck, and the reality of juggling other jobs means that I have a lot to do, and only a few days to do it.

The Time & Motion Exhibition looms large.