Punchcard Economy

Photos – Data As Culture exhibition @ Lighthouse Arts

Jun 29 2014 · by Sam Meech


Images from the Data As Culture exhibition, curated by Shiri Shalmy, at Lighthouse Arts, Brighton. I produced a second version of the ‘8 Hours Labour’ banner for the show.  The exhibition also featured works by YoHa, James Bridle, Thickear, Paolo Cirio and James Brooks. Graham Harwood of Yoha also demonstrated the data-visualisation compressed air  ‘contraptions’  – ‘Invisible Airs’ – developed through YoHa’s research into Bristol City Council’s methods of data sharing. Shiri’s young  son asked Graham about one machine, with it’s flailing tube whipping the air – “why is it so flappy?”. Graham’s answer was “to make it more dangerous” providing a cautionary tale for those approaching working with data.

Full size images available here