Punchcard Economy

Pictures – 8 Hours Labour workshop @Lighthouse

Jun 29 2014 · by Sam Meech


Images from yesterday’s machine knitting workshop at Lighthouse Arts as part of the Data As Culture exhibition. Participants included a digital arts producer, a graphic design freelancer, a textile artist who worked part time in an office job, and Lighthouse co-ordinator Natalie. Each person had to translate a log of their working week into a punchcard design, and then knit it as a fairisle pattern repeat. In return for their time and labour they were allowed to take home the goods produced.


As well as the ‘contracted workers’ there were a number of people visiting the exhibition, curious to see the knitting machines and see the process of working with the punchcard. One of those visitors was the mum of Graham Harwood – a fellow exhibiting in the Data As Culture show. Graham’s mum used to have a knitting machine and she wasted no time in showing us how it was done, knocking out a quick sample in fatching white and racing green.

See the full size images here.