Punchcard Economy

Working from Home

Apr 26 2020 · by Sam Meech

my hours last week

Record your home-working hours as a knit pattern

On March 21st 2020, Punchcard Economy was due to be exhibited at Kunsthal EXTRA CITY in Antwerp, Belgium, as part of DAILY NIGHT SHIFT. The contracts were signed and banner was installed, but the show, of course, has been postponed.

In the meantime I find myself at home, increasingly struggling to concentrate on work, and even less sure of what ‘work’ means any more. The jobs I had lined up are ‘postponed’, and I’m trying to balance the urge to be ‘productive’ with the realistic need to go easy on myself. I am rarely doing ‘8 Hours labour’ a day.

As a way to share my project during the closed exhibition, I’ve logged my hours on this site, and knitted a sample to mark my current working pattern. I am interested in how and when other people are working during the pandemic, especially those within the arts. Are you working less? Or in a more fragmented fashion?

I invite you to log your working hours on the site for one week, and visualise it as a data-motif. I will then knit this pattern as part of a small banner that documents how we are all working at the moment.

I hope this will be a way for people to engage with the Punchcard Economy project remotely, and also help me find new ways of working myself. I’ll share pictures of the patterns and the banner online as it develops.

To contribute, simply register an account and log your hours of ‘work’.