Punchcard Economy

Video – Transmediale ’15 Talk

Mar 30 2015 · by Sam Meech

A presentation I made as part of the Time & Motion panel at Transmediale 2015 – ‘CAPTURE ALL’, heled at the HKW, Berlin. I talk about the precarious nature of artistic labour, and how I got into knitting.

FILM – making of

Dec 15 2013 · by Sam Meech

A short video document by Tim Brunsden about the making of the Punchcard Economy banner.

8 Hours a Day – “Whoa Bobby Whoa!”

Oct 27 2013 · by Sam Meech

An excerpt from the Durham Miners Gala 2013 documentary by Richard Searle. This clip features a banner that relates to the fight for fairer hours and better working conditions for miners. Using the example of a horse / pit pony who is asked to work 8 hours a day compared to another who works 10 […]