Punchcard Economy

8 Hours Labour – Rates for the Job

8 HOURS LABOUR – RATES FOR THE JOB is your chance to commission some ‘work‘ – a day of my artistic labour at recognised Arts Council rates* – £262  (plus materials, postage and packaging).

The labour will entail me knitting a series of working-hours data patterns as a hemmed banner. However, it must be noted, that you are buying my labour, not the product.  The resulting knit is only a by-product of the labour, though it will be sent to you as proof of purchase – a textile receipt / record of the labour. Full terms and conditions can be seen on the service contract (sample here), of which you will receive a carbon-copy duplicate.

For more information, please contact worker [at] punchcardeconomy [dot] co [dot] uk

* rates are set using the latest AN ‘Guidance on fees and day rates for visual artists’ – 2019 – as an artist with low oevrheads (<£5k) and 10+ years of experience.