Punchcard Economy

Photos – Data As Culture exhibition @ Lighthouse Arts

Jun 29 2014 · by Sam Meech

Images from the Data As Culture exhibition, curated by Shiri Shalmy, at Lighthouse Arts, Brighton. I produced a second version of the ‘8 Hours Labour’ banner for the show.  The exhibition also featured works by YoHa, James Bridle, Thickear, Paolo Cirio and James Brooks. Graham Harwood of Yoha also demonstrated the data-visualisation compressed air  ‘contraptions’  […]

Final Banner Design

Nov 26 2013 · by Sam Meech

The data has been collated, and ordered and the final size of the banner worked out, to create the final design layout.

Testing data, joining panels and knitting hems

Nov 22 2013 · by Sam Meech

I’m into the engineering phase of the knitting design now. This week I’ve been looking at how to attach the various panels to make up the final banner, and also to create a mechanism for suspending it. As the knitting machine can only knit a maximum 200 stitches, then I am limited to producing strips […]

snapshot #1 – working hours / out of contract

Oct 15 2013 · by Sam Meech

A quick screen grab of the data being produced via the website so far, as laid out in a spreadsheet with conditional formatting. In the first image we can see the total hours in which ‘labour’ is undertaken, and in the second image the ‘out of contract’ hours.

Basic design – mapping difference

Oct 01 2013 · by Sam Meech

The process I’m initially exploring for creating the design is through using the working hours data as a difference layer. When combined with a base design, any information in the difference layer will invert the value of the base layer. Thus, any hours worked as ‘overtime’ will show up as an inverted stitch. Applying this […]